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II. Of Death. Francis Bacon. 1909-14.

- Culture and Information - Sir Francis Bacon Sir Francis Bacon was the grand architect of a perspective on reality so revolutionary that the human mind has yet to break its mold.

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M ■i ■B9 1WB H H HH H 111 g§ BR THE ESSAYS OF FRANCIS BACON EDITED, WITH INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY MAEY AUOUSTA SCOTT, Ph. PROFESSOR OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE IN SMITH COLLEGE NEW YORK CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS 1908 i UBRARY of CONGRESS Two Copies Receive FEB 7 1908 1 ftoi*yr»tw tntr* GLASS A XXo, Mu. Copyrht, 1908, by Charles Scribners Sons Published, February, 1908 IN MEMORY OF MY MOTHER JULIA ANNE BOYER SCOTT CONTENTS PAGE Preface , vii Introduction I Francis Bacon xv II The Essays lix Title-page of the Third Edition of the Essays . xcvii The Epistle Dedicatory xcix The Table ci Essays or Counsels Civil and Moral I Of Truth 3 II Of Death . 24 Vn Of Parents and Children 29 VIII Of Marriage and Single Life 32 IX Of Envy 35 X Of Love 42 XI Of Great Place 45 XII Of Boldness 51 XIII Of Goodness and Goodness of Nature . 53 XIV Of Nobility 58 XV Of Seditions and Troubles 60 iii iv CONTENTS PAGE XVI Of Atheism '. 71 XVII Of Superstition 76 XVIII Of Travel 79 XIX Of Empire 82 XX Of Counsel 91 XXI Of Delays 98 XXII Of Cunning 100 XXIII Of Wisdom for a Man's Self 106 XXIV Of Innovations 109 XXV Of Dispatch Ill XXVI Of Seeming Wise 114 XXVII Of Friendship 117 XXVIII Of Expense 130 XXIX Of the True Greatness of Kingdoms and Estates 132 XXX Of Eegiment of Health 146 XXXI Of Suspicion 149 XXXII Of Discourse 151 XXXIII Of Plantations 154 XXXIV Of Eiches 159 XXXV Of Prophecies 165 XXXVI Of Ambition 170 XXXVII Of Masques and Triumphs 174 XXXVIII Of Nature in Men 178 XXXIX Of Custom and Education 181 XL Of Fortune 184 XLI Of Usury 187 XLII Of Youth and Age 193 XLIII Of Beauty 197 XLIV Of Deformity 200 XLV Of Building , .... 275 PEEFACE In this edition of Bacon's Essays, I have used the text of James Spedding, The Works of Francis Bacon, Vol. In order to simplify the page, all the Latin footnotes have been omitted. Spedding 's Eng- lish notes but seventeen, which are distinguished from my own notes by the snature 'S.' The seventeen notes that I have retained bear wholly upon matters of text on which Mr. For example, in the essay, Of Unity in Relion, I have kept the note ing attention to Bacon's use of the double negative. If Bacon had lived two years longer than he did, to hear of Harvey's dis- covery of the circulation of the blood, he would un- doubtedly have revised his metaphor of "the gate- vein, which disperseth the blood" out of both the Essays and The Historie of the Eane of King vii PREFACE Henry the Seventh. Spedding 's note on the essay, Of Nature in Men, tells us that Bacon's use of the verb 'lay' where 'lie' would now be em- ployed may mean that the verbs 'lie' and 'lay' had not become differentiated in his time.

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It starts off simply enough: “Men fear death, as children fear to go in the dark…” That is, we fear the unknown.

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