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Plagiarism Procedure - Governance Support - UNSW

Your coursework, whether a project, portfolio or assnment, shows us how well you know the subject and gives you extra marks to add to your final grade.

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The University subscribes to Turnitin, an online service which enables the text-matching of submitted texts against an extensive library of internet pages, journals, periodicals etc. the percentage that is thought to have been copied as well as the suspected sources.

Academic Dishonesty and <b>Plagiarism</b> in <b>Coursework</b> Policy

Managing Plagiarism for Students Enrolled in Coursework.

In academic writing, plagiarism is the inclusion of any idea or any language from someone else without giving due credit by citing and referencing that source in your work.

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It is not possible to test a student’s intentions and it would not be fair to relax the regulations for a small set of students who claim that they didn’t know or didn’t understand referencing requirements.

Coursework plagiarism:

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