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1A Argument Assnment: Using evidence from the essays in your textbook, make an argument concerning the potential for Americans to achieve success (“the American Dream”) through education.

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American literature (Criticism and interpretation) Labor literature (Criticism and interpretation) Proletariat (Portrayals) Social mobility (Portrayals) Working class (Portrayals) Working class in television (Portrayals) A sub-genre of U. working class literature which I "narratives of unhappy upward mobility" remained fairly stable throughout the twentieth century--and will perhaps, in the absence of substantial social change or the development of meaningful class consciousness, remain so in the twenty-first.

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Everything about him seems muted: his greying, threadbare clothes; his fixed expression, somewhere between a grimace and a half-smile; the way he always crosses the street when someone approaches.

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Sara comes from an impoverished, Jewish immrant family who wants to make herself out of something and to become a person that people look up to.

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