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Generations a tapestry of literacy traditions in an African-American.

New modes of research and scholarly communication are changing the ways in which social scientists engage with, share, and evaluate scholarship.

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Also largely absent among literacy teacher educators are any expectations that the dissertation will conform to a particular methodology narrowly defined and conceptualized.

The Enduring Effects of Early <strong>Literacy</strong> Experiences A Retrospective.

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CLL is housed in the Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies in the College of Education and Human Development.

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-- Abstract in English)Using Fathom® statistical education software in hh school to examine students’ acceptance of virtual simulation and use of simulation to model sample size when sampling from large and infinite populations Viabilidad de la enseñanza de la inferencia bayesiana en el análisis de datos en psicología (Suitability of teaching bayesian inference in data analysis courses directed to psychologists) ("Abstract" is 66 page summary in English)O conhecimento profissional dos professores e suas relações com estatística e probabilidade na educação infantile (Teacher’s profesional knowledge in relation to statistics and probability in primary school education).

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