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When most people think of a hacker, they think of a dishonest individual who uses ques to bypass a system’s defenses and steal confidential and sensitive information.

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I further assume that, rather than mounting a full frontal assault on the root of the problem, which I identify as capitalism and instrumental wage labour, we should instead seek out and broaden spaces where life can unfold freely (Gorz, 1994).

<i>Ethical</i> <i>Hacking</i> It's not an oxymoron. - Cybrary

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There, he spent six days taking courses in computer hacking and programming at a local professional school, according to school officials and people familiar with Snowden’s trip.

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The Hacker Work Ethic Linus Torvalds says in his Prologue that, for the hacker, "the computer itself is entertainment, "meaning that the hacker programs because he finds programming intrinsiy interesting, exciting, and joyous. Whenever I programmed something I'd end up playing around for hours rather than getting back to plodding my way through the paper.

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