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Except for the fact that he committed adultery with Abail Williams, when she was his household servant. Sure, if he would have confessed he would no longer have his name, but couldn? It mht catch up with him someday, but he would still have his family and be able to go on living his life. She will be in pain for the rest of her life, because of what she did.

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The literary work "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller is a very good choice for your essay.

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Crucible Essay, Research Paper John Proctor, in my eyes was all around a pretty good man. A moral dilemma occurred with Proctor over the decision to confess or not to confess to witchcraft. Then, he would still have his family; his wife, his boys, and the baby. In my eyes, that was selfish, because now his family is fatherless, and has to suffer. Abail only wanted John Proctor to love her, but now that he is dead she can never have him.

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John Proctor was a successful farmer and the first male to be named a witch during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. I would advise you to repentance, for the devil is bringing you out.

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