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Pursuit of that end in the context of intellectual property, it is generally thought, requires lawmakers to strike an optimal balance between, on one hand, the power of exclusive rhts to stimulate the creation of inventions and works of art and, on the other, the partially offsetting tendency of such rhts to curtail widespread public enjoyment of those creations.

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This article is based off of a series of blog posts by TLS Forum user “Arrow”, who started off at Loyola Los Angeles but transferred to Berkeley Law after a successful 1L year. the name of your school will follow you until you die) - You just do not like your current school and/or it is simply a weak school (this may be real reason, but not one you should EVER mention or admit, remember to stay positive) - To make your parents proud. See below for details for general trends that I have noticed.

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Please welcome back Asey Kirkwood, with more on the logistics of the law school transfer process.

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