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Critical Factors In The Successful Implementation Of Knowledge.

The main goal of a research proposal is to convince others that your proposed research study is important enough to warrant such an investation.

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However, because the concept is so new, there exist different views among practitioners and even researchers on how a knowledge management program can be desned and implemented in organizations.

Developing Effective <b>Knowledge</b> <b>Management</b> <b>Systems</b>

Examination of the Historical Sensemaking Processes Representing.

Choosing good management dissertation topics is critical to ensuring a good start to a dissertation, which is relevant, up-to-date, and focused on current issues of management.


The globalization of business, the shift from production-based to a knowledge-based economy, the growth of information communications technology (ICT), the strive to become learning organizations and the emergence of the needs for knowledge workers have made knowledge management practice a must today across all types and levels of firms (, 2005).

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