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The centre-state relations are divided into three parts, which are mentioned below: (A) Legislative Relations (Article 245-255) (B) Administrative Relations (Article 256-263) (C) Financial Relations (Article 268-293) Legislative Relations Articles 245 to 255 in Part XI deals with different aspects of legislative relations between centre and states.

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Through habitual utilisation revealing the expectations associated with these Conventions, a compliance affecting political and legal activities limits any prerogative powers, although not enforceable in law.

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Critiy assess the degree to which the courts and Parliament are able to prevent the of prerogative powers exercised by ministers of the Crown under the modern constitution Constitution in the United Kingdom has a tacit mandate, realised through the Statutes , The Common Law and established Conventions through which the various organs of State are co-ordinated, an inherent part of the charter without being incorporated into the actual law.

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Workers felt the need and desire to unite to create a fair working environment for industrial companies.

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