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A Chosen Exile' Black People Passing In White America

After that, she worked at an advertising agency in New York City for a few years. It was through her experience there that she determined she wanted to pursue her book and a teaching.

Allyson hobbs

“You know, we have that in our own family too.” That was the bombshell, the offhand remark that plunged historian Allyson Hobbs, AM’02, Ph D’09, into a 12-year odyssey to understand racial passing in America—the triumphs and possibilities, secrets and sorrows, of African Americans who crossed the color line and lived as white.

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As a first-year graduate student at the University of Chicago, Hobbs happened to mention to her aunt the subject of passing, a casual curiosity sparked by the Harlem Renaissance writers she was reading in school.

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Allyson Hobbs is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Stanford University.

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