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The best movie I have ever seen that attracted me with all kinds an emotion, the best looking and interesting actors and the music was "Titanic".

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Expecting to simply enjoy the story again, I was surprised to find that the movie has lost none of its power over these five years. At first, I avoided watching this film for the longest time. "You really felt like you were on the ship." "Nonsense," I thought. One looked at me and said, "you mht be rht, but if she liked the movie that much maybe she'll want to learn more about the real Titanic.” The movie must have done something rht to get her so interested." "Well, maybe," I thought. "OK," I thought, "I'll give it a look see." I didn't want to like it - and I didn't. It was desned to be the greatest achievement of an era of prosperity, confidence and propriety. The Wrht Brothers' first successful flht was in 1903.

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