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TRIZ (pronounced "treez") is a methodology for deliberately and systematiy solving complex problems and developing new products.

TRIZ - Creativity ques from

TRIZ is a systematic approach for understanding and defining challenging problems.

TRIZ - Creativity ques from

And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive.

Traditional diamond cutting methods often resulted in new fractures which did not show up until the diamond was in use.

Genrich S. Althsuller - Father of TRIZ Theory of Inventive Problem.

Short Examples Short Questionnaire Walk Through TRIZ (Russian algorithm for "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving") is the only scientifiy based (as opposed to psychologiy based) inventive problem solving process and tool kit. In other words, we want the temperature to be hot and cold (for example in a chemical reaction), a product to be hard and soft (for example in a mattress desn), or a property to be there and not be there (a road or river crossing).

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