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Turn the pages of this beautiful book and see over forty GM cars photographed by Michael Furman and perhaps the only word to describe them is: luscious.

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After emerging from the consolidation of various carmakers, parts producers, and other operations early in the 20th century, GM went on to become the cornerstone of the U. GM’s dominance began to deteriorate in the 1970s, and the slide continued over the following three decades.

A devastating financial crisis struck the United States

A devastating financial crisis struck the United States

On the one hand, I realize that millions of jobs depend on the industry and that saving these jobs is not only a humane thing --- it also may help the country(and even the rest of the world) from sliding into a deeper recession in the long-term.

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The United States consumes 20.8 million barrels of oil everyday which leads the world; China is a distance second with 7.5 million barrels per day (Oil consumption, retrieved ).

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