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It was a cute concept in the beginning, and somewhat refreshing-a nice break from -but it’s cancellation is nothing to laugh about, because it was due to an abundance of violence between the roommates. This is the number one show to watch while studying because at five minutes in (possibly less), you will have seen at least one brawl, a hair extension pulled from an unsuspecting guidette’s head, or a cast member’s genitalia blurred.

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Subject: Your kids' study habits There's some impressive new scientific research on your side when you tell your kids they can't possibly do their homework with the TV blaring, instant messenger crawling or MP3 player pumping.

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The only thing resembling homework is the math book open on the table next to the keyboard. She gives you a puzzled look and responds, "I am." A Multitasking Generation Your daughter, and most of her peers across the country, are electroniy connected like never before.

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Furthermore this means that you are concentrating on two separate things, more likely to get distracted to the TV than homework because it is more enjoyable.

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