500 word essay is how many pages

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Normally, the length of a personal statement will be dictated by the application—500 words or 800 words are typical limits, as are one-page or two-page limits.

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"The combined profits for the ten drug companies in the Fortune 500 ($35.9 billion) were more than the profits for all the other 490 businesses put together ($33.7 billion) [in 2002].

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The 500-word Essay Some Thoughts

For reasons laid out below, the Writing Program now recommends 1.5 line spacing for all student papers.

How many pages is a 1 500 word essay

If you’re given, say, a count of 1,500 words, you need not write to the maximum length, but to compose only one-half of the word count mht be an opportunity missed.

500 word essay is how many pages:

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