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At present the general notion or the opinion of people about Islam is that of a relion that preaches aggression, terrorism, hatred among people detests any kind of worldly learning and progression.

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Terrorism has surfaced as the bgest menace of the current times, particularly in past few decades.

Concept of <strong>justice</strong> in <strong>Islam</strong>, Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib as and Candle.

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Timothy Gianotti for an upcoming meeting of world relious leaders, who will join a team of interfaith scholars who specialize in the academic study of their traditions in order to explore "The Future of Relious Leadership." Stay tuned for links to the other papers, which explore the question of leadership in Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism.

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Unfortunately and unjustly, Islam and Muslims are deemed by most of the world population to be the root causes of this upsurge of terrorism all across the world. However, a considerable majority of the world's population still blames Islam and Muslims.

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