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The 'Sweet New Style' Essays on Brunetto Latino, Dante Alhieri.

Along with those articles, which served as outlets for some thoughts that incessantly swirled around my head while teaching, I want to provide a bit of practical help for any who mht be teaching or reading the in days to come.

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However, in a spectacular turn of events, he lost much of his reputation and influence during the early half of the 20th century.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poetry Foundation

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poetry Foundation

It was a style that had its orins in the French Crusaders' co-option of the delicacy of the Saracen world they encountered and momentarily conquered.

The Divine Sappho -

Longfellow’s celebrity in his own time, however, has yielded to changing literary tastes and to reactions against the genteel tradition of authorship he represented.

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